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twisted family
twisted Crew
twisted crew

         Welcome to Twisted Cycles. We are a family run and owned shop. A little over 5 years ago we turned our passion of building bikes into a daily reality. We have built the business from the bottom up and work on growing on a daily basis. 

          Chris Ligi, the main brains behind what we do has been a motorcycle enthusiast and working on bikes for over 30 years. He also has a 31 year career in the aircraft and engineering industry. 

         Brian Camardella, he has had love for motorcycles as long as he can remember. He is our electrical guru. When it comes to wiring disasters, he is your guy!!! Along with being a mechanic in the shop he also works behind the scenes being the CFO and paper pusher. Living his dream!!

        Every bike shop needs a girl wrenching and that is our girl, Debbie Camardella!!!

She takes care of all our handlebar installs, full services, oil changes and even dips her hands into some engineering and fabrication of custom parts. 

       When you walk into our shop our goal is to make you feel like family not just another customer. We treat ever bike like it is our own. Your safety and satisfaction is our #1 priority. 

                                     Welcome to the Twisted Cycles family!!!!

twisted crew
twisted crew
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