Every Road King needs a crown. Having a 18" or 20" rise could get tiring after a long ride, that is why our Maddogger slopes down to a 16". It offers the look of a high rise with the comfort for long rides. The Maddogger is most popular on Road Kings and Softails. The 1-1/2" diameter only adds to the aggressive looks well as offering the best in quality, comfort and looks.Factory 47 is the only company to machine the step down rather than weld it for extra strength and by doing so designing the Maddogger bar with safety and strength in mind. All bars are slotted to fit the throttle by wire. We make sure to polish each weld to allow a show quality smooth finish. From a side view the handlebar rise is completely straight to match your forks but from the front and rear view the Maddogger has a rolled rise to match the round shape of your fairing, fender and tire. 

Factory 47 Maddogger Handlebar

Bar height

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